Thursday, 10 June 2010

First Missive from Japan

Right this is an attempt at a travel log.

I've now been in Japan a day and a half having arrived late afternoon on Wednesday and it is now early morning (ie 6am) Friday.

I've not done too much so far: after arriving the four of us travelling (all of us from my group @ uni) had the joy of a further 1.75 hour bus ride to top off our 10 hour flight before we arrived at Tsukuba. A huge meal and a lot of beer later I think (I think we ordered pretty much everything off the menu) it was time for a restless night. Thursday (the first full day here) consisted of the workshop I'm attending so another bus ride followed by 10 hours of conference in a sweltering lecture theatre.  We finished the day with a traditional (or so I'm told) Japanese meal which had a minimal amount of sushi but was lovely none-the-less: several small courses and a bowl of fish and vegetables on a burner.

Anyway I'm now running late if I want to get some photos taken before breakfast and another 10 hours of conference so I'm off

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