Monday, 4 January 2010

First Post AKA what this blog is about


This is the Blog of Sam Cook. I am a particle physics PhD student based in London, I started in September last year (2009) and I'm loving it. I play too many games (board games, computer games, drinking games what ever really). I spend pretty much all of my time either on a computer, eating or sleeping; yes I am a geek (probably a even a nerd).

The purpose of the blog is that it's somewhere for me to write; mainly on things that annoy me but sometimes on things I like as well. As a physicist I spend a lot of my time writing code so this will hopefully mean that in 2 years time when I have to write a book (my Thesis) I may actually still know how to form a sentence, it also aids me in not getting killed by my friends/flat mates/people in the street for ranting at them too much.

Anyway I hope that has bored you because it's bored the hell out of me and I actually want to post up something a bit more interesting.

So on to the actual blog!

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  1. No. It just means we'll have time to form a coherent response to what you've written down...